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Scandal or promotion of new drama?

Shukan bunshun report a member of HKT48 came out from hotel at midnight with a Johnny's member look like Abe Aran!

wow, the news after drama's news yesterday! Shunkan Bunshun recently write many news about JE huh? Fujii Ryusei and now Aran. I really hope this is promotion for new drama. I like two of them, I like Anna most in HKT. If this is true, I think Aran will not effect, but Anna.. I dont want she grad, I want to see her more

AKS and JE, please confirm this soon!

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I hope it is for promotion of Drama, Oneesan >//<)/

Promotion of Drama, onegaaai!
I like Murashige and I don't want her to graduate. T_T

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