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I think everyboy know that JE countdown this year will not air in TV. Although this year so boring without KAT-TUN, Arashi, K8 but this is the first year Johnny's WEST appear, so I still watch it!

and mods of Johnny's WEST's community do not active? I have a request and said many time before about tag for tv show but they dont answer accept or not. Shall I create a new LJ for my stuff I upload?

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they said it will not be aired on Fuji TV but in NHK instead of it so we're safe!

and about your stuff yeah I think it's better to put it in your own LJ since you said no one's is answering to you

I dont know about NHK but it's good, I will upload it if I find the concert

yeah, you should make your own comm to put your files. sometime it easier to control your own. ^_^
ganbatte, and thank you always for sharing jwest files.

although I use LJ for a long time but I still dont know clearly about it XD. I dont know the different between the fanpage and person page, I must re-check

i think it's better to have your own community, there's more control over it. also thanks for sharing!

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