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Johnny's WEST - Paripipo
after switch into HMV, my copy arrived so fast XD I downloaded from weibo but now I have too, I also uploaded dvd 1st album event summer carnival but today is monday and seem some one will upload in Johnny's WEST's livejournal, that is good, my Mega account almost full

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uwaaa.. can't wait ~~ :D

well about your mega account, maybe you should make another one mega account.. #whacked xD

I will post link down tomorrow. the release day

un ~~
thank you so much ~ :D

Johnny's WEST livejournal already upload album and dvd, you can down it XD

thank you so muchh ~~~ :D

I also bought the copies from HMV, but mine hasn't arrived yet.
Anyway lately I've been uploading some files to the LJ and I probably will not upload this one. I kind of want to focus on uploading TV Show only. So please do so (because I don't think anyone will upload it beside you) :)
And I swear I'm not creepy or smth^^;;

dont worry, the mod has uploaded yet, I only dont know what's better quality but since she did, I neednt

sometimes hmv do something stranger, my copy arrived but my friend didnt

and so good when you upload stuff in LJ, I only did when I see no one do that and my internet connected not fast like you

Edited at 2015-04-21 10:00 am (UTC)

yes, sometimes my orders arrive so fast but the other time it takes forever to arrive^^;;
but because I've been collecting points from HMV since few years ago, I still buy stuff from them.
No not at all, in fact my internet connection is also slow especially when I'm downloading stuffs from chinese website. But like you, I don't want the community to die (like what happened with other JE communities on one uploads videos there anymore :( )
I just realized I've been typing so long, sorry! It's nice talking to you btw :)

although I buy much since in oversea so I didnt get more points?

but the shipping fee of hmv is cheaper than other site so I keep buy on it

seem ppl lost interest about LJ? so many nice communities no longer active, so bad, LJ is heaven for oversea fan, I dont know chinese and sometimes they put very hard password to unrar stuff

Thank you for sharing. Sorry I'm french so I Didn't understand everything. Where can I download this DVD?

Hello! How can I download this concert? I searched anywhere but I couldn't find the download button. Hope you could help me. Thank you for uploading :)

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