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it's time to move
Im a Johnny's Jr fan and Tanaka Juri and Bakaleya's fan for along time~~~~~
my happiness finally came, Six Tones was born!
now Johnny's WEST has a nice user upload media so I will focus to Six Tones, if anyone interested with them, I will announce where I upload everything about them

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I Love Johnny's West & Bakaleya6 too <33
It's nice to have so many ppl uploading stuff for JWest but I hope u won't stop even if there is more ppl now cause maybe they will be busy or u have a video that they don't have or something like that xD
and for Six Tones I'm interested to know where will u upload their stuff ? maybe I know the comm and maybe it's a new one for me so can u tell me plz ? and thanks for informing us about that <333

If no one dont upload about JWEST so I will because I love them so much that I cant do nothing XD
about Six Tones, I dont know how to manage a page so I hope anyone will creat a page for them, before that I will post it in my LJ
so many things in last 3 years but since my internet has problem I cant do anything until mild May

And Im so happy many ppl like Six Tones XD

actually there are a lot of Jr communities that put Bakaleya stuff but not with the name six tones cause this was just confirmed yesterday!

I hope some one creat a new page for 'new' group XD

and I must told, I'm a longest KAT-TUN fan in my fangirl's life XD

i love 6tones too!!!! i was so happy when i heard that they're an official unit now, i hope johnny's isnt playing with us (cries).

If they play with us again, I will kill them, and Im not joke

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Hi, just want to let you know that bakayankee will make comm for 6tones, so you can upload it there? but it still on proggress. So if it's settle we will announce it at bakareanoyankee
yoroshiku ne ^_^

it's great if you make a new LJ for Six Tones, I like bakareanoyankee so much XD

I'm so happy that 6tones is formed <3 I'd love to know where you upload stuff ^^

yes, but I only start from mild this month XD

haha yes, I'm looking forward to it then ^^

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